Our Vision and Mission
To build dynamic competent teachers who act in response to the changing needs of the modern world.
To provide excellent teaching and practical opportunities to every student to grow.
Welfare of the society – social, moral & spiritual upliftment.
To ensure the dedication in students towards social and economic development of nation.
To develop the critical thinking, analytical ability and creative skill.
To develop their organisational ability.
To make them committed teachers by providing them valuer oriented education.
To inculcate moral values in students.
To ensure all round development of students through curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
Institution Values
Sincerity and professionalism.
Open communication with societies and serving them.
Confidence and shouldering the responsibility.
Commitment and integrity.
Leadership and sound planning.
Originality and innovation.
Self-initiative and teamwork.
Lifelong learning.
Quality and excellence.
Mutual respect and healthy competition.
Institution objectives
To inculcate leadership qualities among students.
To inculcate sense of responsibility among students.
To provide both career and personal guidance and counseling to the students.
To prepare students for future to compete in the open global scenario.
To prepare our students to face all odds with patience and perseverance.
To make education accessible to all without any distinction of creed, class or community.
To help to poor people by providing free cloths, free medicines or for marriage or in illness or for funeral activities.
Develop effective writing, speaking, reading, information gathering, and listening skills.
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